The San Franciscans: Ron Divino
Ron Divino hangs out at Aquatic Park near the Maritime Museum and Municipal Pier at the end of Van Ness Avenue. Since the mid-1990s Ron has created simple yet startlingly beautiful works of art by simply - or not so simply - stacking stones that seem to defy gravity along this craggy but manicured shore. Why the balancing act? Ron in his own words: "It's a metaphor for the wonderful world we live in. No matter what's going on, Mother Nature provides us with this beautiful world. Look at these surroundings, with the incredible Golden Gate, Alcatraz Island, the Hyde pier museum, the bay, and so many different kinds of trees and beautiful birds coming together right here. It makes all the bitterness and problems in the world seem so small." There are others who create rock art along the bay, but Ron is the only one who does so from a spiritual calling without openly soliciting donations or marketing photos.

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Golden Gate Bridge
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco Bay

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