The San Franciscans: Edwin Heaven
Edwin Heaven writes like hell. The adman, inventor, screenwriter, and North Beach figure was a favorite of Herb Caen's. A Caen story about Heaven and Francis Ford Coppola exchanging bon mots over shrimp cakes and Chinese beer at House of Nanking hangs over a table by the door there. (Heaven once told Caen, "Marin County is that place where they shove all kinds of stuff up their nose, but give you dirty looks for putting sugar in your coffee.") A true renaissance man in the San Francisco tradition, Heaven's credits are diverse and many. His ad work was named "Best of the West" 17 times by the American Advertising Federation. Heaven's billboard, "Rite Aid, Wrong Place," helped keep the drugstore chain out of North Beach. Another outdoor ad raised eyebrows on Broadway when Heaven tried to save Little City in the late 1990s. His film short "The Organist" was a festival hit in 1996. During his rock period, Heaven created posters and produced festivals and concerts, working with bands such as The Tubes and The Nuns. He co-authored one of Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon shows, and also wrote for Jonathan Winters and Rich Little. As if that weren't enough, it was Heaven who named the Giants' mascot Lou Seal. Heaven's latest invention is THROX - socks sold in threes - a solution to sock eating dryers, a menace far worse than kite eating trees! (Now, if he could only invent a car horn that makes a traffic light change faster he'd really have something.) "But what I'm most proud of," Heaven of North Beach tells Mister SF, "is being the father of beautiful movie actress Audrey Heaven."

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