The San Franciscans: Holli Thier
Civic rights attorney Holli Thier, the fourth-place candidate for the hotly contested 2002 Democratic nomination in the 13th Assembly District was tooling down Polk Street the other day in her beige 1989 Honda Accord. Like a true Mrs. Toad adventure, Holli's wild ride from Capp's Corner in North Beach to City Hall for a press conference went down in nothing flat. Reviewing prepared materials and applying her visage at the same time, Thier's hands didn't touch the wheel from Jackson Street to California on Polk. Mister SF will forgive her for risking his life if you will. Almost from the moment she announced her candidacy, Thier - who had just returned from Africa, where she spoke to women about civil rights - was set aside by a lot of our political scribes as an also-ran. That's too bad, because the intelligent and funny Thier, whose message never got further than the standard, "I'll work hard on behalf of the people," is one who actually meant it. Sometimes the person who wins isn't always the person who gets the most votes. Thier, a past president of the League of Women Voters, ran with integrity from start to finish and refused to go negative while Harry Britt and Mark Leno duked it out. She's figured out that in the City on Golden Hills, the high road leads to beautiful vistas. Just try to get there alive, Holli, and keep your hands the wheel!

Heart of the City 03/12/02

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