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08/21/07; 7:52 PM

Bill asks, I live just over the hill from the Haight and I've heard John Lennon scribed his name in wet cement somewhere nearby. Any idea where?

Was said to be on Cole near Haight, beside the Goodwill. It's not there if it ever was. Makes a nice legend, tho.

08/21/07; 4:14 PM

Thom asks, When are you coming back from vacation?

Any day now!

Maureen asks, It didn't seem right that a librarian could plagiarize a patron and be allowed to remain a librarian. What is your reaction to Jim Van Buskirk's resignation?

I thought It was a good day for restoring honor and integrity to the Library and the Hormel Center. Van Buskirk made the right decision. I also think he was not well-served by the people who propped him up at different times, including Susan Stryker, the Bay Area Reporter, and Chicago Review Press. If not for them, Van Buskirk might have resigned when Judge Marie-Victoire first ruled that he plagiarized. Had he resigned at that time, Van Buskirk would be already a year into his new career - writing better books, without cheating - and he would have spared the SFPL and author Peggy Munson the censorship scandal that occured in the spring. By the way, the Bay Area Reporter told you in its resignation story that several months ago Chicago Review Press had announced future printings of "Celluloid San Francisco." However, you know - and the Bay Area Reporter's editors know - that Chicago Review Press decided instead to remove the book from further distribution.

ArtManArty asks, Hope it's ok to ask about the Celluloid SF librarian's departure. Are you always so determined for a cause? I want you on my side, Hank.

it's ok / yes / i am!

06/11/07; 6:43 PM

Robert asks, Will you put Carole Migen in the hall of Infamy for almost running someone off the highway?

That's a good one! I love Carole Migden, a longtime asset to California and a living legend in the gay community, as is Mark Leno. It was brave of Carole to come out with lukemia... But everyone knows she drives too fast! It is exactly SF theatre. I will put it on the wall, Robert.

SusanT asks, What do you think of "Michael Tolliver Lives!"

I thought the excerpt was good.

Andrea asks, I could also take or leave Robin Williams. Who is yur fav SF comic?

Hmm. I think the Conan week showed we have a dearth of them... On a national level, Joy Bahar, Rosie, Roseanne, and Kathy Griffin - all the ones that gay guys like except Margaret Cho, of course she's ok too and a local gal who made good.

Greg asks, So who can run against Gavin?

Don't know, I liked a few, they passed; Gavin2 is not the end of the world.

CLuis asks, Are the gay marriages from 2004 currently valid?


06/10/07; 5:47 PM

Therese asks, Please! It doesn't give you a little satisfaction that censor/plagiarist Jim Van Buskirk was caught lying again and even appears to be hiding from the Bay Area Reporter, which took his side in your [successful] lawsuit against him last year? PS, How does this man keep his job as a librarian?

It is somewhat satisfying that Van Buskirk's true colors and his contempt for other writers were exposed again by someone other than me. The latter question is one for City Librarian Luis Herrera.

Richard asks, I noticed that the Bay Area Reporter didn't use the words "respected and beloved member of the community" this time in its story on Jim Van Buskirk - regarding censorship at the SFPL.

I noticed that, too.

06/10/07; 11:00 AM

TiaJean asks, Thank you for testifying for Mike Sullivan. Why didn't you write about Chris Daly's review of Mike's nomination to Park and Rec?

I chose to testify instead. 1st time, btw.

Gill asks, Was that you in front of the BOS for Mike Sullivan? Why would you support someone you disagree with politically?

It was a BOS committee. Because he is fair and qualified; the nom was a good one.

Lori asks, Why haven't you covered the latest on SF's notorious plagiarist Jim Van Buskirk, who is embroiled in a new scandal for censoring an author/speaker at the SF Public Library?

He is imploding just fine without my help.

05/16/07; 3:03 PM

Stella asks, Do you support legislation to ban feeding the wild parrots?

Yes. In fact, the conversation between Mark Bittner and Supervisor Peskin - about the City possibly stepping in to protect the parrots from ourselves - started at my kitchen table.

Kat asks, Are any of the old Finnochio's performers still performing anywhere? All the drag shows I've seen since they shut down have been lip synched and I miss the live singing of the cast there.

There were some former Finnochio's performers working a bay cruise show a few years ago. You can find others selling CDs of their music online. These days, Harry Denton hosts a drag show (with real singing) and brunch on Sundays; harrydenton.com.

ml asks, I am interested in the GoCars, and plan to try one next time I get to SF. But I saw Conan and Bob having to push them up the hills... was that for a spoof or do the cars really need to be pushed on a steep grade? I love the GPS and narration idea!

Thank you. I loved Conan's spoof! I don't think you will have to push the GoCar.

Meg asks, Wasn't it just another magical day in San Francisco - a place the whole world loves?

Yes it was!

penny-ante asks, We are a record label that has picked up The Space Lady for an album and were wondering if we could use [one of your] youtube videos on our currently being built website... Also, could we use some mrSF quotes...? Thank you.

Anything for Susan. (You heard it here first! The Space Lady is coming soon to an orbit near you! - HD)

Stefan asks, I am sure there was one of these controlled goat grazings at Glen Canyon park too.

I believe there was. I think it's a great idea.

Deeog asks, Thank you for fighting and winning against your plagiarist in court. I got so screwed once and was powerless at the time. ur my hero.

Thank you!

Denise asks, You panned Robin Williams' comedy but Leah Garchik said he captured the essence of San Francisco in his performance at the film festival.

Did she say whose act was he doing?

Rich asks, Is everyone in San Francisco a pinko?

Mike DeNunzio is not. I'm sure there are others.

Niki asks, Where is the house where the chefs lived on Top Chef?

The first season of the Bravo Network's cooking contest Top Chef (2006) gifted pop culture with the expression, "I'm not your bitch, bitch." Segments were filmed with the participation of Bryan's in Laurel Village, Fleur de Lys, Citizen Cake, Aqua, Neiman Marcus Rotunda, and Le Colonial. Contestants lived at 3159 Baker Street while shooting the series.

Ev asks, Did Gavin Newsom and Angela Alioto eradicate chronic homelessness in the past 3 years like they said they would when they released the 10-year plan 3 years ago?

Very funny!

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