San Francisco in Cinema: Play it Again, Sam

Music Concourse
Lovelorn neurotics Woody Allen and Diane Keaton grow closer on a stroll through the rows of benches at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park in Play it Again, Sam from 1972. Written by Allen from his play and directed by Herbert Ross, Play it Again, Sam features the usual Woody persona, this time embodied as a movie critic recently dumped by his sexy, free-spirited wife. With a figment of Humphrey Bogart advising him and friends Keaton and Tony Roberts setting him up with women, Woody tries his luck on the dating scene with slapstick results guaranteed to induce sympathetic embarrassment. Interior shots for Woody's apartment were 1212 Lombard Street. Required viewing for Woody Allen fans, this one is funny but seems misplaced, like it was filmed in the wrong city. Only the Roberts character resonates with both time and place. His businessman, Dick Christie, is so busy and self-important he leaves a succession of phone numbers where he can be reached throughout the day. With Jerry Lacy as Bogart. Play it Again, Sam makes a good double feature with Serial.

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