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Cinematic SF

Mister SF visits the ivy halls of Emeryville for a great cause.
A reader remembers Dirty Harry’s dead pool.


by Mister SF on 01/23/2009

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Here’s Herbie: fully loaded with lemon curd and Two Buck Chuck.

Milk Opens in Castro

by Mister SF on 12/28/2008

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Castro readies as curtain rises on Milk.
Mister SF was Charmed in L.A.

Classic Cinematic SF

by Mister SF on 07/31/2008

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Sean Penn famously stayed in character while working on Milk, the biopic of Harvey Milk for director Gus Van Zant in 2008. Some Castro neighbors got tired of their ‘hood being referred to as “the set.” They also complained that the production catered its own meals instead of supporting local restaurants. But, when it came to time appear on camera, Van Zant had plenty of extra extras. Heart of the City celebrates San Francisco in the Cinema. Continue to Classic Galleries…