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Farewell Favorites

Mister SF visits the latest Farewell Favorite, San Francisco’s oldest bookstore, Fields.

Lights Out for the Lumiere

by Mister SF on 09/23/2012

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF closes the curtain on The Lumiere.

So Long, Sam Wo

by Mister SF on 04/20/2012

>> Farewell Favorites,Notorious SF

Mister SF visits Sam Wo Restaurant as the so-called “jook joint” jumps one last time.

Bye, Bob

by Mister SF on 07/14/2010

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF and the wandering burger make it one for the road in “Bye, Bob.”

SpongeBob Bails on Panhandle

by Mister SF on 01/18/2010

>> Farewell Favorites

Mister SF visits the Panhandle to say so long to an iconic neighborhood resident.

Lotus Position: Not so Pink

by Mister SF on 11/06/2009

>> Farewell Favorites

Panhandle neighborhood says goodbye to the Pink Lotus.
A reader remembers Dirty Harry’s dead pool.

Petit Robert

by Mister SF on 03/11/2009

>> Farewell Favorites

Petit Robert pas plus.

See’s on Polk

by Mister SF on 03/04/2009

>> Farewell Favorites

See’s Candy another ghost of Polk.

Virgin Mega Store

by Mister SF on 03/01/2009

>> Farewell Favorites

Like a Virgin, done.