New and Venerable Institutions: St. Mary's Square
St. Mary's Square, at California and Quincy streets, was built after the 1906 earthquake destroyed the remaining brothels and saloons across from Old St. Mary's Church. The park itself was razed in 1953 for the addition of an underground parking garage. In 2003, the often overlooked public garden became the latest of several public parks and structures to undergo renovation during the Willie Brown era. The centerpiece of St. Mary's Square since the late 1930s is the towering statue of Chinese revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-Sen by San Francisco sculptor Benny Bufano.

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Detail IX: Old St. Mary's Church
Detail X: Bufano's Sun Yat-Sen
Detail XI: January, 2002 I
Detail XII: January, 2002 II
Detail XIII: February, 1946
Detail XIV: St. Mary's Square Redux 2005
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