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by Mister SF on 06/24/2008

Hank Donat is the San Francisco based journalist known as Mister SF. Hank created MisterSF.com in February, 2001, when it seemed that San Francisco had given up on itself. In the post Millennium, dot-com-bust hangover, articles and items appeared in abundance in the City’s media that enumerated the many ways in which the City sucked. Hank says, “I wanted to remind everyone of all the reasons it’s still the best place.”

Hank decided to combine earlier success in journalism, the arts, and advertising & design to create MisterSF.com. Hank began by publishing his Heart of the City column online at a time when the word “blog” had appeared fewer than a handful of times in the City’s dailies. In a milestone for a web site, Heart of the City became the first ongoing Internet column picked up by a citywide newspaper when it was published regularly in The Examiner/Independent beginning in February, 2002. During the 2003 mayoral election, Heart of City and MisterSF.com were the only media to feature an individual writer in unique field interviews, in San Francisco’s neighborhoods, with all of the major candidates.

Other honors and distinctions followed. In 2004, Hank was the only citywide journalist/spouse to provide first-person coverage of San Francisco’s historic gay marriages with the approval of editors. In 2006, features from the site were adapted for a GPS-guided tour on the streets of San Francisco, with the visitor behind the wheel and Mister SF as the storyteller. Determined to protect his effort and the rights of all independent writers and artists, Hank successfully sued a San Francisco Librarian/author for plagiarism after Hank’s personal stories appeared as the author’s own in the 2006 book “Celluloid San Francisco.”

Since 2008, Hank’s has been named among “Five Helpful Web Sites for San Francisco” by Fodor’s in the publisher’s San Francisco guides. As the only site named that’s maintained by an individual, MisterSF.com stands proudly next to sfgate, the Convention and Visitors Bureau, SFist and SFStation. Hank lives with his husband, Jeff, in San Francisco, where they enjoy a fun, dramatic life.

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2004 SF Bay Area Publicity Club Nominee:
__ Best Newspaper Columnist
__ Best Web Site
__ Best Print Feature
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Celebrity Waiter: Music in Schools Today “Stars on Staff”
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Inductee: Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, March, 2005
Co-Host: “Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco,” September,
Los Angeles Times, 04/18/06

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