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You've Come a Long Way

Mister SF returns to the Comedy Store and much more!

Comedy Store Belly Headliner Room: In the early 1990s, years before Will & Grace was possible on television, openly gay comedians were still as rare in mainstream comedy clubs as women were when Phyllis Diller stood virtually alone. Because of homophobia in our culture, a comic could spend more time dodging bottles than audience insults - if he or she could get booked at all as an openly gay act. The Comedy Store opened its doors to gays with showcase nights in the Belly Room in 1993. Hank Donat was among the already-out comedians who were regulars at Josie's Cabaret & Juice Joint in San Francisco's Castro District and were invited to perform at the historic club.

Charlie's Angels, 189 North Robertson Blvd. They broke down doors, too!

From Dead Ringer: The fabulous Greystone mansion of the rich sister, Margaret (Bette Davis), is well known in Southern California. Mister SF wanted to excavate the seedy beer joint run by the poor sister, Edie (also Bette Davis). Located here, at Figueroa and Temple. Sir Alfred was with us; the Vertigo stands in for Edie's Bar and provides us with another Hitchock motif.

Canter's Fairfax, 419 N Fairfax, is Mister SF's favorite local joint in LA

Jeff's Hitchcockian shadow adds drama to this former Raymond Chandler residence, seen as "Melrose Place" on TV.

Remington Steele takes Charlie Townsend's overflow cases.

Ready for her close-up: Happy Birthday Shoda Taylor!
Shoda turns five at the Napa Rose restaurant at Disneyland.

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