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Notorious: LA Edition

MisterSF.com takes its archive of notorious characters to Brentwood and Studio City for a walk in the shadows of OJ, Joan Crawford, and Robert Blake.

OJ Simpson's mansion has been razed at 360 N. Rockingham
and replaced by the estate seen here.

Peet's Coffee at 11750 San Vicente Blvd. is the former Mezza Luna restaurant, where Nicole Brown Simpson had dinner the night OJ Simpson "became responsible" for her death and that of Ron Goldman.

The Brown-Simpson and Goldman murder location, 875 South Bundy Drive, has been re-christened #879.

Joan Crawford beat daughter Christina with a coat hanger at 426 North Bristol in Brentwood where a virtually new mansion, an extensive remodel, has replaced Crawford's estate.

Robert Blake's wife had her last meal at Vitello's in Studio City but didn't live long enough to have indigestion. Ask for Table 42.

Scene of the murder of Bonnie Lee Bakely in Studio City, Woodbridge Street and Kraft Avenue.

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