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Mister SF's LA Fright

Mister SF revisits LA's greatest fright flicks. Says Mister SF, "Any trip to Hollywood is a personal liberation tour. After you get to play Norman Bates and Carrie you can fire your therapist."

Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) got stalked here, at 1530 Orange Grove Avenue in Hollywood while earning less than minimum wage as a babysitter in John Carpenter's Halloween.

Freddie Krueger's nightmare house stands not on Elm but here, at 1428 Genesee Avenue.

Nancy Allen loses her prom tickets after refusing punishment from Bates High School's kind but tough gym teacher played by Betty Buckley in Brian DePalma's Carrie. The filming location is Pacific Palisades High School but...

Let me outta here! The gym that Carrie destroys is here, at the Hermosa Beach Community Center.

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