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Universal Acclaim

Mister SF goes Hollywood at Universal Studios.

A tourist at home and away.

Farewell Favorite, Hill Valley: The Back to the Future sets seen in Mister SF's archive photo from 1990 are of the past and gone from Universal, as is the theme park's Back to the Future ride.

Now and Then: The Flash Flood exhibit is an enduring attraction that was added to the tram tour in 1968 and upgraded in 2006. Seen in 2008 (above), and in 1990 (below).

More Universal Flashbacks: The Jaws exhibit - with Cabot Cove, Maine from "Murder, She Wrote" in background - is seen here in Mister SF's archive from 1990. The exhibit based on Steven Spielberg's blockbuster shark adventure was added to the tour in 1976. Fire effects were added in 2001.

Destroyed by Universal Studios backlot fire on June 1, 2008: Just when I thought, "What could be cooler than the Incredible Shrinking Woman's giant grocery cart?" we came upon what [was] a USA landmark. Choose the link for a close-up on America's first Iraq War monument.

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