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Mister SF in Hollywood:
Psycho House

The Psycho house is a worldwide icon of cinema. It registers instant emotion for its gothic aesthetic, and as a symbol of the inner demon that torments Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchock's unforgettable and influential thriller. The house-and-motel setting has been moved and rebuilt several times in its well-documented life as a TV and movie location. One of the world's most recognized film sets, the Bates estate is still used for filming by Universal Studios and is maintained as an exhibit on the Universal Studios Tour and VIP Experience Tour. (Turn right at Whoville.)

12 Cabins; 12 Vacancies: Mister SF plays the part in 2008.

Ring Bell For Service.

As a guest of the City of West Hollywood in April, 1990, Hank documented these moments of transition in the life of the historic Bates estate, as seen in photos from his archive.

The front door was open, perhaps an invitation to drop in for toasted cheese sandwiches and tea.

Excavating Horror History: What you find is your own reward!

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