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Universal Acclaim: America's First Iraq War Memorial
On the day of Mister SF's visit to Universal City in January, 2008, Iraq War memorials remained either virtual or proposed, or were protests, or were received by the community as a protest. Universal Studios added this Iraq War Memorial to Courthouse Square (appearing as the courtyard in front of Grandview City Hall) for the October 12, 2007 episode of the CBS drama "Ghost Whisperer," starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. The memorial is featured prominently in the episode, "Haunted Hero," as Hewitt's character helps an Iraq War veteran - played by actor and Iraq War vet Tyler Jacob Moore - come to terms with losing friends and fellow soldiers in battle. While it may seem trite that the first recognizable Iraq War Memorial was built on a Hollywood film set, Mister SF finds it an appropriate and sad tribute to soldiers lost in a war built on the illusions sold by George W. Bush. Filmmaker Michael Moore famously called Bush a "fictious President" at the Academy Awards ceremony in 2003. (Mister SF's LA Roadshow captures the backlot sets of Hill Valley's Courthouse Square/Grandview City Hall that were destroyed by fire on June 1, 2008. - HD)

Destroyed by Universal Studios backlot fire on June 1, 2008: Courthouse Square was long known as Mockingbird Square for its use in the 1962 drama "To Kill a Mockingbird." Even without its familiar clock tower, the square is widely recognized as Hill Valley, a location from Back to the Future (1985.)
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